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Kind Words and Testimonials

Dr. Rebecca is privileged to serve every family through their pet's end-of-life journey.  With gratitude, we are proud to share the kind words and testimonials our families have written about their experience with her.  If you would like to share your experience, please click the button below.

Dr. McClellan has such a sweet presence and brought so much love, understanding, and comfort to our family in a very difficult time. She helped our Toby go in peace in the comfort of his own home. She has definitely found her calling in making a horrible situation more bearable. Thank you, Dr McClellan.


Felicia M

Image by Mariam Soliman

Dr. McClellan came to our home last week and actually sent our sweet almost 18 year old kitty China on her way outside, laying in both of our laps on a bench listening to the waterfall and birds. It could not have been any sweeter. We wrapped her in a favorite blanket and drove her to Paws Memorial in Athens to be cremated. We were happy to get her back a couple days later and her remains rest in a dark green beaded jar in the den with our other gone angel fur children, while her heart beats with ours forever. Thank you for this service and your calm caring nature. We love the paw print card too.

Linda H

It was such a blessing to find Rebecca. In retrospect, I have nothing but fond, beautiful memories of my dog's last moments. I never expected to have such a healthy experience with no regret, remorse, or trauma associated with her death. Rebecca's service allowed Mari to pass on gracefully and my family to move toward healing and making peace.

Stafford G

Image by James Cousins
Image by Simon Moog

Dr. Rebecca helped our Bailey (and us) with his passing. She was warm and comforting, and made a terrible circumstance feel natural and special. Thank you!

Corey C

We can’t recommend this beautiful soul enough! Dr. McClellan came out on Christmas Eve to put our girl to sleep. She was so gentle and kind. Walked us through the entire process. She was able to do everything while I was holding her on my lap. It made a very tough circumstance a little more bearable. She was amazing from the start. I wouldn’t have wanted to do it any other way. It was peaceful and she was so compassionate. She will forever hold a very special place in our hearts

Sarah F

Image by Joe Caione
Image by Seth Doyle

We are so thankful for Dr. Rebecca. She made the most difficult decision and day peaceful and easier. She is very compassionate with both the family and animals and very informative. She included our other dog and helped us understand what she was going through and what to possibly expect from her. I'm so thankful that she provides this service so that our Beau could be happy and comfortable at home and so the whole family, sister dog included, could be present. Her patience and discreet nature may be some of the most appreciated characteristics. She's great and we feel so lucky to have been able to use her services.

Toni H

Words cannot express the service Dr. McClellan provides during one of the most difficult experiences imaginable. Because of her genuinely gentle and caring nature, the peaceful transition she provided for our 16 year old lady, and how much all of our dogs fell in love with her immediately, we have decided that we will never again use another veterinarian for the end of life decision for our dogs. Please take my word for it, she is amazing. From the bottom of our hearts- thank you Dr. McClellan.

Catherine C

Image by Sanne Hartogh
Image by Marii Siia

Dr Rebecca could not have been sweeter or more understanding with the loss of our sweet dog. She was so compassionate to our whole family and our dog. We are so grateful to her!

Cathy A

I would 10/10 recommend Dr. Rebecca to anyone faced with the difficult decision of putting your pet down. From our first encounter, she was so kind, caring and professional. She tried to put my hurting heart at ease. She entered our home and loved on my big boy, making him feel comfortable, and she thoroughly informed us, making us feel comfortable. She didn’t rush us at all and let us take our time saying our goodbyes. I could tell she really sympathized with us. As difficult as it was to let him go, I feel like the service she provided was the most loving and respectful way we could let him go and I think she made the process as easy and as comfortable as it could have gone! Thank you Dr. Rebecca for being there for us and taking such good care of my big guy!

Danae B

Image by Gayatri Malhotra
Image by Valeriia Miller

Dr. McClellan was so incredible from first contact, to the very moment our sweet Penny was taken away. She is kind, professional, caring, and I can not recommend her enough. She cares so deeply for your fur babies, and your families well being. She was so loving with my 9 year old daughter while we helped my sweet Penny Lou pass on. Thank you. The Johnson family is forever grateful for you.

Jacinda S

We couldn’t have asked for a better experience with Dr. Rebecca at Companion Crossing. She came to our home, gave our girl some love, gave her treats, and walked us through the entire process. She didn’t do anything without explaining it to us first. She didn’t rush us and she let us be by Sadie’s side the whole time.

We received an ink pawprint in the mail from Companion Crossing a few days later to remember her by. We miss our girl, but we know we gave her the best until the very end.  I highly, highly recommend Dr. Rebecca.

Tori S

Image by Shane
Image by Marcel Mynhardt

Dr. Rebecca helped us with our dying cat. Very compassionate and understanding. Very appreciated.

Caren B

Dr. Rebecca is very compassionate and explains things well. She made the process very peaceful for us as we said goodbye to our precious old doggie.

Robyn C

Image by Joe Caione
Image by engin akyurt

Deciding to say goodbye to my beloved fur baby was the most difficult decision of my life. Trying to find that perfect balance between diminishing quality of life and suffering is a difficult one to achieve. Though the decision to prevent my girl’s suffering was heart wrenching, entrusting Companion Crossing to provide her with a peaceful passing among nature was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I am so incredibly grateful for Dr. Rebecca’s expertise and compassionate heart! Offering unbiased advice and a metaphorical shoulder to cry on, she walked me through the darkest moments and lovingly cared for my sweet girl during and after her passing, coordinating her cremation and making precious memorabilia that I will always cherish.

Tami U

She was kind, professional, and very gentle. We are so grateful she provides this service. She made a hard day easier. Thank you!

Terri S

Image by Jeremiah Higgins
Image by Justin Veenema

Dr. McClellan was wonderful during the process of helping our Samantha go peacefully. She is passionate about providing this service to families and has a heart for animals. She was so kind to us and has a peaceful calming nature about her. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is faced with this decision for your furbaby.

Panda S

We had a great experience with Dr. Rebecca. She made what could have been the worst day for us and a traumatic event for our three children into a family friendly, understandable and as pleasant as can be expected experience for us all. Thank you Dr. Rebecca for helping Ace pass away in the comfort of his home and with his family at his side. We miss him terribly but you certainly lessened the blow.

Shaf H

Image by Gayatri Malhotra

I would sincerely like to thank Dr. McClellan for helping me say goodbye to my lifelong friend. Upon her arrival at my home, she immediately earned my trust with her kindness and patience. She explained everything she was doing and let me know what to expect. She was a comfort to both my cat and to my family. I highly recommend Dr. McClellan and her practice, Companion Crossing.

Megan H

Dr. McClellan is wonderful and helped make saying goodbye to our sweet boy easier by coming to our home. Our sweet boy was a Great Dane and was in so much pain and we weren't sure how to safely get him to the vet. We were then told about Companion Crossing and we are so thankful we didn't have to make him even more uncomfortable by transporting him.

Meagan Y

Image by Michael
Image by Stephen Andrews

Dr. McClellan was a godsend to our family as we said goodbye to our dog, Sipsey. She answered questions thoroughly and professionally and her guidance was very reassuring in a very difficult decision. But I was most thankful for her gentleness and care with our daughters, helping them to understand the process and allowing them to be as involved as they wanted to be. She enlisted their “help” getting blankets ready to make Sipsey feel more comfortable, etc. I am so very glad that we chose to send Sipsey off in the comfort of our home surrounded by her family.

Shandry P

We would like thank Companion Crossing of Huntsville, Dr. Rebecca McClellan DVM, for coming into our home to help our sweet boy, Cody, during his sudden illness. She was a blessing as there are no emergency medical hospitals for pets near our home and vet offices were closed. Dr. McClellan was wonderful, calming, and caring. This is such a valuable service to allow families to say goodbye to their family members in the privacy of their home. We are forever grateful to her.

Kim P

Image by Jack Plant
Image by Evan Wise

Dr. McClellan helped my sweet Abby cross over yesterday. This was the most peaceful and calm last moment I could have asked for. I would recommend her service to anyone!

Jen T

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