Pet Memorials

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Love Shared

Your Pet is part of your family. We want to celebrate their life with you.  

Companion Crossing is honored to pay repect to those that have given us their undconditional love and devotion. We thank you for sharing their story with us.



9/12/2008 - 4/13/2021

How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.                                       ~ Winnie The Pooh



6/2004 - 12/16/2020

We got Tommy as an 8 week old kitten! He was a kitty full of fun, adventure, and humor! As a young man he brought us many treats through the kitty door including chipmunks and birds.... but they were alive not dead! I think he enjoyed seeing our dismay as we tried to get them out of the house! Tommy was there with our family through all the major milestones and we will miss him terribly! We will love you forever Tommy!

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4/15/2014 - 7/31/2020

Didn't have a mean bone in him.



4/15/2014 - 7/31/2020

Guido was our most talkative cat. He'd meow when he brought us his mouse toys - which he would do several times a day, when he wanted attention, or when he just felt like it. He was our sweet boy and we miss him dearly.




To our sweet baby girl We miss you more than words can speak of. We miss the sweet sound of your precious paws and your sleepy eyes at morning coffee. Most of all we miss the love you gave us every day.


2005 - 6/5/2020

We rescued you as a pup, but you rescued us as you grew. Such a gentle, loving, shy sweet girl. You will be forever remembered. Rest in peace Harper.



2007 - 5/11/2020

To the sweetest fur child to ever grace my home and my life. I miss you terribly, my sweet boy, but am glad you’re no longer in pain. ❤️❤️

Pepper Potts.jpg


3/2/2012 - 4/15/2020

Pepper was just a sad little pup when we discovered her at a local shelter. She had been picked up as an abandoned stray. We knew she was the one when we saw her in person... just full of life and energy! We gave her the most loving and happy life. And in return, she gave us companionship and the most affection you could ever ask for. Cancer may have stolen her from us too early, but she will forever be in our hearts.








11/1/2010 - 2/2/2020

Remi was my companion. Always by my side. Wherever I went, he was with me. I miss him every day but know the memories we made together will always stay with me, and I am forever grateful for his unconditional love.





Big Mac (Mac)

2005 - 12/4/2019

Our Mac (Mackie Roo, Woota Woo, Baby Boy, Mackie Bear, Bear) was the sweetest kind of loving. I have had a lot of dogs in my life, but there are always those few extra special ones. Mac was the best of those. We love and miss him daily.

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2000 - 2019

Elliott was a loyal companion for over 19 years, and he definitely earned his nickname, Buddy. He was always by our side and was there to protect us, comfort us, work with us, and celebrate with us as our family evolved from a home with children to a home with grandchildren. He became a part of who are as a family, and we are grateful that we were blessed to have him with us for so long.



Anyone that knows us knew our “Boy,” Cody. Whatever we did he did. He was in every sense of the word “family .” Losing him has been so difficult. My heart has a hole in it the size of a truck. From morning coffee sitting next to me on the couch, to late night homework or tv, life has changed. He was always with me. I loved him with my hole heart and being and I have missed his love , kisses, and those beautiful eyes that twinkled when they saw me come into a room. I know on that day we said goodbye, but I still feel him around me in all the special memories we made together. I know that someday we will be together again. RIP sweet Cody🐶❤️🌈 Love Mom

2010 - 9/29/2019