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In-Home Euthanasia Service 

We feel so honored to have the opportunity to support your family during this precious but difficult time. Dr. Rebecca's goal is to provide a peaceful transition for your pet in the familiar and loving environment of home.

In-home Euthanasia Service includes:
  • Travel to your home 

  • Discussion about the procedure and any concerns you may have

  • Time for every member of the family to say goodbye in their own way - including children and other pets.

  • Sedation/anesthetic tailored to your pet's specific needs

  • Peaceful euthanasia procedure

  • A keepsake digital ink paw print

  • Assistance with aftercare arrangements (if desired)

(Aftercare/Cremation not Included)
  • Home Euthanasia for pets under 100lbs  - $325

  • Home Euthanasia for pets 100lbs and over - $425

Same-Day/ Urgent Care , Evening(5pm and later), Weekend, Holiday appointments(when available) may incur additional fees.($50-$150)

Appointments located in our extended service area will incur an additional fee ($25 -$150). These areas include but are not limited to - Arab, Athens, Decatur, Grant, Guntersville, Hartselle, Somerville, Scottsboro.

Preparing for Our Visit

​🐾A Comfortable Spot 

Our visit is all about keeping your pet and family as comfortable as possible. We can be indoors or outside. Feel free to prepare the area with favorite toys, bed, or blanket. Some families like to play music or light candles.

🐾The Ones We Love

All family, friends, children, and pets are welcome to be present during our visit. If you have questions about your specific family circumstance, please let us know so we can help. We do recommend that other pets are able to see their friend after he/she has passed as this helps with the grief remaining pets can experience with this loss. Also, please know that Dr.Rebecca is open to your family's spiritual practices and welcomes the opportunity to participate.

🐾A Gentle Transition

Throughout this time, your companion never has to leave your side. Gentle sedation is customized to your pet’s individual needs. If your pet is still eating, a tasty treat will provide a distraction while receiving an injection of sedation. Over 10-15 min, your pet will relax into a comfortable plane of anesthesia. When your pet is fully sedated and family is prepared, Dr.Rebecca will administer medication to help your pet pass away.

🐾Respectful Aftercare

After your pet has passed, please take whatever time and space you need. If Dr. Rebecca is helping with cremation arrangements, a comfy blanket and basket/cot is provided to transport your loved one for aftercare. For pets over 50lbs, representatives from HeavenLee Companion (our cremation provider) will come to your home to provide assistance in this process.

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