Home Euthanasia


Our goal is to make this difficult process as stress-free as possible for you and your pet.​

Please visit our Resources page to help you through your decision making process. 

Our Home Euthanasia Service includes:

  • Travel to your home 

  • Discussion about the procedure and any concerns you may have

  • Sedation/anesthetic tailored to your pet's specific needs

  • Peaceful euthanasia procedure

  • Transportation and Arrangements for Aftercare/Cremation if    desired

  • Courtesy notification to your family veterinarian of your pet's  passing

  • A keepsake ink paw print suitable for framing and lock of fur(if desired)

The fee for our Home Euthanasia Service is $275.

Evening(5pm and later)/ weekend/ holiday appointments(when available) may incur additional fees($50-100). Appointments located in our extended service area will incur an additional fee ($50-$100). These areas include - Athens, Decatur, Grant, Guntersville, Hartselle, Somerville, Scottsboro.


As our gift to you, if you choose, we will create a Custom Ink Paw Print using digital imaging to capture the unique details of your loved one's paw. This print will be mailed to you about a week after our visit. We are pleased to offer these additional keepsake options.

ROOCO (1).jpg

Custom Ink Paw Print 

Custom Fired Glass Paw Impression  $90


Custom Nose and Paw Print  $40

Handmade Clay Paw Print  $25



If you choose, we will arrange cremation for your pet through PAWS Memorial Services.  We take care of all transportation involved. The fee for this service is based on your pet's weight and your choice of cremation option.  

Private Cremation 

Your pet is placed individually into the cremation chamber and is kept separate from all other pets. Your pet's cremains are ready to return home typically within 24-48 hours. These urn options are available with private cremation. 

  • Mahogany Finish Wooden Urn - A traditional design with an engraved brass nameplate. 

  • 'Blooming' Urn -  A handcrafted eco-friendly paper urn with an adornment containing seeds of perennial wildflowers. This fully biodegradable/water soluble urn is ideal for families wanting to return their pet's ashes to the earth or sea.

  • Decorative Paw Print Tin - This design provides easy access to cremains for those choosing to spread their pet's ashes.

IMG_0470 (1).JPG

Other urn options are available through PAWS Memorial Urns website for an additional fee. Please let us know if you wish to purchase an urn.


Communal Cremation 

Your pet is cremated in a group setting with other pets.  The cremated remains are not returned if you choose this service.

*If your pet weighs over 40lbs, we may ask for family assistance to help move your loved one.    If you or your family are unable to assist, we may request the crematory to provide help. If this is the case, additional fees will apply to cover their charge.