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Quality of Life Consultation

Facing the beginning of your pet's end-of-life journey can feel overwhelming.  Let us help you navigate down the path of least regrets. You may be facing many questions


  • What will my pet experience as their condition/disease progresses?

  • How can I recognize if my pet is in pain?

  • How can I make my home environment more comfortable for my pet?

  • When should I consider euthanasia?

We are here to help.  During a 45-minute phone consultation, Dr. Rebecca will listen to your concerns and questions. She will review video/photos of your pet to help you better understand what they are experiencing at home.(Videos/photos sent by text or email are not required, but can be a valuable addition to the conversation)

Dr. Rebecca will provide resources you can use to assess and monitor your pet's comfort and condition at home so you can feel more prepared for the days ahead. She will also address any concerns your family may have about the euthanasia process.

TeleAdvice Consultation includes:
  • A 45min conversation with Dr. Rebecca focused on your concerns about your pet and your family(including other pets in the home).

  • Review of video/photos of your pet's condition(if you choose)

  • Review of different tools to help you assess and monitor your pet's condition and comfort over time.

  • Discussion of your goals/expectations for your pet's end-of-life journey.

  • Discussion of your concerns about planning a future euthanasia visit.


​TeleAdvice Phone Consultation 45min $150

Thank you for understanding that TeleAdvice consultations are not intended to diagnose or treat your pet's condition. Dr. Rebecca cannot prescribe medications without a hands-on physical exam due to state law. If she determines that your pet may benefit from an alternative pain or symptom management plan, she may recommend a visit to your family veterinarian to be sure your pet has the best possible quality of life during your time together.

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